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Tip to Help You Survive a Long-haul Flight

A trip is about the destination, not the journey, though if getting to your holiday spot requires a long-haul flight, the journey can be quite daunting.
Sitting on a plane hours on end isn’t fun, but there are some tips and tricks to make surviving a long-haul flight easier.

• Take some noise-cancelling headphones or soft earplugs with you so that you can tune out other people’s noise and get a little shut-eye.

• Load your phone or tablet with podcasts and audiobooks to keep you occupied during those hours in the air.

• Bring a travel pillow and blanket even if the airline provides these amenities. You can always use the extra pillow to support your back, and you can make yourself extra cosy with more than one blanket.

• Carry along an eye mask which can do wonders to help you get some sleep.

• Bring a small container with a hydrating face masque. The recirculated air of the plane cabin dries out your skin and can make your face feel tight and uncomfortable. When you get on-board, slather on your hydrating masque (preferably a clear one), to keep your skin moist and comfortable. Try rubbing some on your hands as well.

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• It’s important to keep your blood moving while on a long-haul flight. You don’t want to be sitting completely static for too long, so get up and move around if you can. At least do some in-seat stretches such as ankle rotations.

• To prevent being disturbed by crying children, try to avoid the front of the plane where there are often special provisions for babies on international flights.

• If you know you’ll want to get up and move around often, make sure to reserve an aisle seat.

• Carry snacks to keep hunger at bay between the provided meals.

• Even if you can’t afford to fly first-class, splash some extra cash and upgrade to premium economy or purchase a better seat if possible. Airline miles can come in handy here. You’ll thank yourself for the extra legroom.

A nine-hour flight might never be enjoyable, but with these tips, you can make your next long-haul flight as painless as possible.

Sources: Skyscanner, Lifehacker, UK Telegraph

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