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How To Impress At a Job Interview

by Karen Rollins Oct 3, 2022

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How to impress at a job interview

Attending a job interview is one of the most nerve-wracking moments in anyone’s life but if you prepare well there’s no need to worry.

Yello has some advice which will ensure you’re equipped to make a good impression and leave the interview knowing you did everything possible to secure the role.

Prepare thoroughly

It goes without saying that ahead of the interview you need to prepare as thoroughly as possible. Read up about the company and the role, imagine the questions you might be faced with, and think about questions you’d like to ask.

Five of the most common interview questions include: Tell us about yourself; what’s the greatest asset you can bring to our company?; why do you want this job?; what are your strengths and weaknesses? and what are your salary expectations?

Ask a friend or family member to pretend to be the interviewer so that you can practice your answers and get them clear in your head, which will also help to calm any nerves.

If possible, contact someone who is already working at the firm and ask them questions about the role and the company’s future plans – ideally this would be the person leaving the position if applicable.

Get some rest

This might seem obvious but the evening and night before the interview you should make sure you get plenty of rest so that your body and mind are prepared and you’re fully alert the next day.

If nerves keep you awake, try listening to some music or reading a book, until you naturally drift off to sleep.

Eat well

Studies have shown a good breakfast is essential to boost energy as well as concentration levels, so make sure you eat well before the interview, whether it’s scheduled for the morning or afternoon.

The last thing you want is a growling stomach to distract you and the interviewer/s!

Stay calm

Try to keep your nervous energy in check by reminding yourself that the company called you for an interview, which means you have the skill set required for the role and the interview is just their chance to get to know you better. 

Out of hundreds, or maybe even thousands of job applicants, they have chosen to interview you which should be a confidence booster.

Dress to impress

Wear a suit or other suitable smart clothing to demonstrate your professionalism.

Most recruitment experts suggest arriving about 10-15 minutes before the interview time which will also give you plenty of time to check your appearance in the bathroom. 

Make eye contact with everyone you are introduced too, be friendly and smile, and when shaking hands try to ensure that your greeting isn’t too limp or hard.

Be enthusiastic

The interview itself is your time to shine. 

Make sure the interviewer knows that you want the job and are enthusiastic about working for the company. Show how interested you are in the position by sitting up straight, being attentive and speaking clearly. 

Remember this is your chance to sell yourself and leave the interviewer/s with no doubt that you are the best person for the job. 

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