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How to Interpret Your Dreams and What They Might Mean

by Karen Rollins Jul 1, 2024

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Woman dreaming that she is flying in her bed

Most people are expected to have 100,000 dreams in their lifetime and there’s no doubt that some stay with you long after you’ve woken up, leaving you scratching your head and wondering if your brain is trying to tell you something.

Some dreams are easy to analyse and can be closely related to whatever is happening in your life, but dream experts suggest others are far more complex.

We’ve looked at five of the most common dreams, so that you can figure out how to understand their suggested meanings.

Dreams about falling

Experts say that dreams about falling are one of the most frequent and they usually mean that you have a lot going on in your life and might be feeling overwhelmed. If you set yourself high standards and feel like a failure if you cannot maintain a certain level of success, a dream about falling is a sign that you feel as if you’re losing control.

Psychologists suggest using this dream as a prompt to think about aspects of your life which are making you feel scared or vulnerable. If you resolve to tackle these issues, the dreams might stop.

Dreams about being chased

If you’re dreaming about being chased by someone or something that appears threatening, then is usually symbolises that you are running away from a decision or some sort of responsibility that you don’t want to face.

According to experts, this dream is a great opportunity to recognise that you are avoiding an issue that is bothering you, and until you confront it head on, it will continue to ‘chase’ after you.

Dreams about teeth dropping out

One of the most commons dreams people have around the world is about their teeth falling out.

Dreams about losing your teeth are said to show that a challenging situation is going on in your day-to-day life which is causing you to lose confidence.

Alternatively, dreaming about missing or lost teeth can signify a major life change such as moving home, switching jobs or breaking up with a partner.

Dreams about being naked in public

Dreams about being naked in public indicate vulnerability and exposure and show that there is a situation in your life that is making you feel uncomfortable or even scared.

These dreams are more likely if you have recently started a new job or relationship and you’re doubting whether these decisions are what is best for you.

Dreams about death and dying

Despite what some people may think, dreams about death and dying are not necessarily a bad omen but instead can point to a dramatic change or transformation that is happening in the dreamer’s life.

This dream is giving you a chance to reflect on something significant that is coming to a natural end and could signify a big life decision that has to be made.

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