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NatWest International Island Games Volunteers Kitted Out In Style

by Article Contributed Mar 6, 2023

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Island Games volunteer kit

Hundreds of volunteers for the NatWest International Island Games collected their official uniforms as part of their first official training session on 4 February. To kick off the training journey, everyone who has committed to working at least four shifts has been given two eye-catching, green t-shirts and a navy-blue cap.

All the clothing items are comfortable and functional, and emblazoned with the Guernsey 2023 logo. Outdoor clothing will be provided to the volunteers who are going to be working outside.

The uniforms will be worn by the team of more than 1,200 volunteers, who will perform the myriad of roles that ensure the Games runs smoothly. Director of Volunteering, Wayne Bulpitt, says the distinctive bright hue of the kit means the workforce will stand out in a crowd.

Mr Bulpitt adds: “It’s important the volunteers are easy to spot because they are the friendly, helpful, welcoming ambassadors of Guernsey 2023. As well as being impossible to miss, we also needed a uniform that was versatile and comfy because the volunteers are performing such a variety of roles, from car park attending to giving out medals. I know that people will wear their uniform with pride.”

Many of the roles have now been assigned and every effort has been made to match up volunteers with positions that correlate with their aspirations, know-how, and availability. The Games will require large teams of marshals, and people who indicated a preference for this role will soon receive their confirmation.

Volunteers are being encouraged to get accustomed to using an app called MyImpact. This e-platform will be an efficient and easy way of communicating. The second and third training sessions, taking place on Saturday 1 April and Saturday 13 May, will include some compulsory training, venue visits, and CPR lessons.

With just a few months to go until the opening ceremony, Communications and Events Director, Amanda Hibbs, said the real adventure had begun.

“We feel very fortunate to have such an incredibly motivated group of volunteers, without them we couldn’t stage the Games. Their enthusiasm and selfless contribution sustain everything we do. They are our greatest ambassadors, and they are helping us to spread the word and get the whole Guernsey community excited.”

Visit the official Guernsey Games 2023 website for more information.