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Sure Juice Bar: A Zesty Lung Boosting Drink

by Lou-Ann Jordan Nov 1, 2021

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FindYello Juice Bar: Promoting Lung Health

Do you have healthy lungs?

That’s a question that has become of grave importance to many of us of late.  The truth is before 2020, we might not have given a second thought to our lungs, or we may have taken for granted that we have a healthy respiratory system. 

In recent times we have had to pay more attention to our lungs than ever before.  However, the functioning of the respiratory system has always been essential to our body’s overall good health. 

Our nose, throat, trachea (windpipe) and lungs sustain our lives.  It is through the functioning of our respiratory system that we can breathe, providing our organs with much-needed oxygen.  And, the dreaded coronavirus has shown us the devastating effects of when our lungs suffer ill-health.

So, as much as we work to maintain a healthy immune system, let’s also consider how we can strengthen our respiratory system too.  Did you know apples and ginger are excellent foods for boosting respiratory health? 

Apples are a great source of vitamin C which is an essential dietary nutrient.  Studies have shown that apples help to slow the decline of lung function that occurs from ageing. 

According to the Lung Health Institute, ginger by breaking down mucus, unclogging passages, helps in the body’s expulsion of air.   Also, a 2012 study showed that the root helps in fighting against Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), which causes respiratory infection.

In this instalment of the Sure Juice Bar, we share a recipe that’s not only delicious but aids in promoting lung function, and it’s also pretty simple.  Plus, chances are you already have the ingredients lying around in your fridge.

FindYello Juice Bar: Promoting Lung Health

Zesty Lung Booster

2 medium-sized apples cored

½ inch piece fresh ginger (peeled)

1 thin slice of lemon (optional)

1 ½ cup of filtered water

Preparation: Place the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Strain the mixture to remove the pulp using a very fine strainer.  Pour the juice into a glass and enjoy.

To pick up the ingredients to try this recipe, search the Guernsey directory for supermarkets & grocer-retail listings. 

And if venturing out to purchase ingredients, remember to wear your mask and observe the social distancing guidelines.

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