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The Journey to Success: Four Important Lessons We Learn From Failing

by Carolyn Lee Sep 6, 2021

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The Journey to Success: Four Important Lessons We Learn From Failing

Guernsey has produced first-class talent, and we also have many examples of success from around the world that inspire us.

While we celebrate our many successes, we sometimes overlook the stories where a lot of heart, hard work and dedication didn’t yield the desired results.

Yet, we know very well that behind every success story are many failed attempts.

While failing is not always easy to accept, it has lessons that may help inform how we move forward. We’ve got four reasons why it is OK to fail and tips on what we can do to become better. 

Failure gives perspective 

When something does not work out, many factors are at play — lack of preparedness, persistence, or discipline. Added to this, some of us tend to focus more on what went wrong instead of what worked. 

What we can do: Carefully assess what went wrong. Change the approach and find new ways to tackle undertakings. 

We can learn a lot from experiencing failure 

We can take away many lessons from an encounter that did not work out in our favour. However, we sometimes become emotional, which can cause us to overlook these lessons. 

What we can do: Allow your emotions to run their course but do not dwell on them. Be objective. Ask questions that will help with understanding what went wrong. Speak to others who have accomplished success at the same thing or who can provide useful advice.

The Journey to Success: Four Important Lessons We Learn From Failing

Failure provides opportunity 

We do not often speak openly about our failures. However, in sharing with others, we could find possible solutions or perspectives that could make a difference. 

Even the most successful persons have failed at many things. In most instances, their success resulted from asking for help, working smarter and not giving up. 

We are lifelong learners; as such, every situation is an opportunity to learn, collaborate, evolve, and innovate. 

What we can do: Stay focused. Look for opportunities to learn from others or to improve on what is already there. Start over if needed. 

Failure can teach patience and wisdom 

There are times when an idea comes to life, and all the right pieces fall into place. There are times when we are on the right path but are impatient. Our impatience causes us to rush the process, which could lead to failure. 

It is good to be excited when things fall into place. Just remember that some ideas require a lot more effort and may take a longer time to manifest.  

What we can do: Be patient. Exercise wisdom in approaching and handling the situation.  

Finally, Oprah Winfrey, Rihanna, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, J.K. Rowling, and Jay Z are famous people who failed publicly. 

Today, many of them are multimillionaires or billionaires. One thing that they all have in common is that they kept trying and never gave up on themselves.

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