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Think Pink In October: Breast Cancer In Men

by Chantel DaCosta Oct 4, 2021

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Handsome young man wears pink ribbon in support of breast cancer awareness. Horizontal composition.

When we think of breast cancer, it is almost always in relation to women. However, breast cancer is not limited to only women. Breast cancer affects men too.

It is rare for a man under 35 to get breast cancer. However, the chance of a man getting breast cancer increases with age. Most breast cancers happen to men ages 60 and 70.

Symptoms of breast cancer in men are similar to those in women.

Possible symptoms of breast cancer for men include:

— A lump or swelling, which is usually (but not always) painless.

— Skin dimpling or puckering.

— Nipple retraction (turning inward).

— Redness or scaling of the nipple or breast skin.

— Discharge from the nipple.

If you have any of these symptoms please see a doctor.

For more information on breast cancer risk factors and whether you’re in a higher-risk group for breast cancer, please call your local cancer society.

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