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Classic Crime Show ‘Bergerac’ Could Begin Filming in Jersey this Summer

by Karen Rollins Apr 1, 2024

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Saint Aubin, Jersey

Classic TV crime show ‘Bergerac’ could return to the small screen in 2024, according to producers working on a reboot of the programme.

The popular BBC detective series was set in Jersey and starred John Nettles as detective sergeant Jim Bergerac. It ran for nine series from 1981 to 1991.

Westward Studios executive producer, Brian Constantine, told the BBC that the new production was in its final stages of development and the creators hope to film around the island as much as possible. 

Mr Constantine added: “There will be an element of work being done in the UK simply because we can’t do that here, but it will be a Jersey show.”

The Government of Jersey has been asked for £1.8m to fund the remake and is said to be “considering” the proposal. 

In a statement to the States, Chief Minister Lyndon Farnham said he was cautious about committing public money to help fund the show and would need to consult the Council of Ministers.

Deputy Farnham said: “I think, ultimately, it’s something I’d have to take to the Council of Ministers, given the priorities we have. Having said that, we must remember that these sorts of things are investments and could return us significantly larger amounts of money than we put in, so it’s something that’s being considered.”

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