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Eight Tips to Help Reset Your Self-Care Habits in 2024

by Carolyn Lee Feb 5, 2024

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Eight Tips to Help Reset Your Self-Care Habits in 2024

At the beginning of a New Year, some people like to assess their lives, create goals, and reset self-care routines.

Our society keeps evolving, and some habits that worked well the previous year require updating.

If you are considering a change to your self-help routine, we have some suggestions you might find beneficial.

Easy tips to reset your self-care routine.

Decide what works for you: We sometimes rely on recommendations from family, friends, trends, or healthcare providers on how to cope. While advice from others can be helpful, you must decide what works for you. Physical activity, reflection and indulging in healthy things are some coping mechanisms. You can personalise something you enjoy and use it to cope or deal with emotions.

Release guilt about treating yourself: Our society focuses on success, which can make some people feel guilty about taking a break or treating themselves. However, you must care for your health to accomplish your goals and be a functional member of society. You deserve to enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling life, so let go of guilt and negative self-talk.

Don’t abandon what might still work: Prayer, spa treatments, friend dates, and tangible gifts are a few things that some people use to help relieve stress. While some hobbies may change based on finances, it helps to keep a few that help maintain overall wellness. Be intentional and budget for self-care.

Gratitude helps awareness: Being grateful can help you focus on the things that add value to your life. Gratitude promotes feeling good and self-awareness. When you feel good, you can figure out solutions and take inspired action. If you haven’t done so, create a gratitude activity to help with mindfulness.

Swap out resolutions for a bucket list: Most people need help to fulfil resolutions and often abandon doing them after a few months. A bucket list allows you to focus on the things, experiences, and people that interest or challenge you and could contribute to your happiness. The key is to be realistic with your list and plan how to accomplish the items on it.

Make rest a priority: Every self-care routine should include getting adequate sleep. A good night’s sleep creates the foundation for success during the day and helps promote mental and emotional resilience. Taking the necessary breaks might include a power nap or allowing your alarm to snooze. Listening to your body and resting when you are tired will help you show up as your best self for those who matter.

Be active: Daily movement can energise and help rejuvenate your body and mind, allowing you to focus better. Find what works daily for you and do that. If you prefer walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, or dancing over going to the gym, create a routine that allows you to do what you enjoy frequently.

Do ‘check-ins’ instead of ‘deadlines’: Deadlines create a clear time frame for task completion and can motivate some people to manage tasks better. A deadline linked to a new year goal can make some people feel pressured and demotivated, especially if they cannot complete it. Conversely, a check-in allows you to monitor your self-care progress without self-judgement.

Final thoughts

Taking care of your overall well-being is your most significant project; so be intentional, imaginative, and thorough when creating a self-care routine. Good luck, and continue to have a great year!


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