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‘Folklore’ – Looking Ahead to Guernsey’s Film Fest in October

by Karen Rollins Sep 18, 2023

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Guernsey Film Fest 2023

The second Guernsey Film Fest is on from 7-8 October 2023 showing a range of local and international films and documentaries around the theme ‘folklore’.

The annual event, which is free to the public, will be screening around 25 films competing for prizes in various categories. Three judges will decide which films are honoured, before the audience chooses its favourite and the winner of the coveted ‘Golden Donkey Award’.

The festival’s full two-day programme is being gradually released but it opens on Saturday with a Slovakian Folk Horror Film by Tereza Nvotová called ‘Nightsiren (Světlono)’ which explores the nature of womanhood and how society seeks to control and coerce women who do not conform.

Another feature on the agenda is ‘Falcon Lake’. According to the Guernsey Film Fest’s official Facebook page, this film is directed by Charlotte Le Bon and “fuses elements of the coming-of-age love story with the unsettling aura of a gothic ghost story, resulting in a beautiful, haunting look at teenager love.”

Another featured film called ‘In Concrete – the legacy of the German occupancy of Guernsey’ follows the story of Jag Sherbourne after she received an email from a woman that she did not know who was claiming to be her great niece. This piece was directed by Lotta Pommerien.

Guernsey’s Film Fest is organised by filmmakers Lars Janssen and Charlotte Dawn Potter of Guernsey Filmworks, a local film production division of Rêvasser Films, in collaboration with Mallard Cinema, and is sponsored by Delimited IT Solutions. 

Filmmakers based or born in the Channel Islands were invited to submit short and long form features in all genres to be screened at the event.

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