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Journey Through Historical Literature at The Alderney Literary Festival 2024

by Karen Rollins Mar 4, 2024

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Alderney Literary Festival 2024

Bookworms will be in their element at the end of this month as the annual Alderney Literary Festival is held from 22-24 March at the Island Hall, Connaught Square.

The theme for 2024 is ‘Journeys’.

This year’s festival programme features established and emerging authors including Priscilla Morris, author of ‘Black Butterflies’; Marek Kohn, author of nine widely acclaimed books including ‘The Race Gallery’; author, art historian, public speaker, and broadcaster Lucinda Hawksley; Gail Simmons, author of ‘Between the Chalk and the Sea’ and ‘The Country of Larks’; and British travel writer and photographer William Mesney.

The opening panel discussion at 10am on Friday 22 March will be facilitated by the festival’s chairman, Tony Riches. It will explore the ‘Journeys’ theme of the event as a common motif in literature.

The panel on Saturday is in memory of historian Arno Mayer and will look at the conflict between history and memory. The closing panel discussion on Sunday will debate whether historians can be amateurs.

For more information and to buy a ticket, visit the official Alderney Literary Trust website.


The Alderney Literary Festival was created by the Alderney Literary Trust, a non-profit organisation, to “inspire a love of words.” 

According to the Trust’s website, the festival gathers “historians, biographers, novelists, and fans of historical fiction and non-fiction” for a long weekend of insightful discussions on world history.

The festival is renowned for its blend of panel discussions and readings from bestselling and debut guest authors. Audience numbers are limited which gives each talk a uniquely, intimate ambience.